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Who We Are

We is me and I like to play around on the Web. In 2001 I took an IT course provided by Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) called Internet Systems, Management, and Support (ISMS). Since then I have worked for a large Internet company and currently have over 7 years experience with them of which the last 5 years have been in software quality assurance (SQA). My personal website designs may not be the greatest but I do enjoy IT.

Enough of that! got it's start back in 2003 when a good friend of mine decided to build an old coupe and I said, "why don't I build a website to follow its progress?" and he agreed. I have enjoyed doing it and this website has followed some of his other projects as well.

Since then and since we're having a good time with it we decided to expand the website to include other things related to cars, trucks, and other types of vehicle. And so, this website will be including "All Things Automotive".

What's the Goal

The goal for me is to enjoy myself. The goal for the website,, is to eventually include anything and all things automotive. Anything that may be consider useful information, or not!, could be included.

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