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1969 Mustang Mach 1

69 Mach 1 Body Parts Prepped

Before the 69 Mustang could start receiving the body parts the Mach 1 body parts had to under go some prep work. Most of the body parts are salvaged from this or other 69 Mustang Mach 1s. Here we look at some of the salvaged parts.

The hood, cowling, and doors are all stripped of they paint and any rust existing rust.

The first picture is of the hood as it goes through the prep process. The second picture is of the cowling and gives you a look at it after it was cleaned down to the bare metal and after the epoxy primer sealer was applied. The next two pictures are of the work that needed to be done to the bottom corner of the 69 Mustang doors. Both were cleaned, patched, filled, and shaped. Then 69 Mustang doors received a good coat of epoxy primer sealer.

The last to pictures are of the 69 Mustang's front fenders. Both of the mustang fenders were stripped of all paint and surface rust and they too received a coat of the epoxy primer sealer.

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