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1969 Mustang Mach 1

69 Mach 1 Body Panels Replaced

Now that the 69 Mach 1 body has been lined up and welded in place to the 89 Mark VII undercarriage, Allan gets started with removing the rusty body parts so he can replace them with new parts.

The first two pictures in the Click Gallery show the 69 Mach 1 body with quarter panels removed. He also removed the panel between the firewall and windshield because there was too much rust. It made more sense to replace the whole panel than attempting to patch the old one.

The last three pictures for this section show the new panels in place. Before the panels were installed Allan treated the skeletal structure of the 69 Mach 1 with a product to stabilize any surface rust.

You will also notice in some of the pictures pieces of angle iron that are spot-welded to the body. These are temporary braces put in place while the body panels are removed and replaced. This makes sure that the body stays straight and makes it easier to line everything up. A little extra work at the start can save a lot of work in the future.

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