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1967 Chevelle

Email: 67 Chevelle Project Sold

"Hi Tim

I guess you can update the site to say the 67 Chevelle has come to an end. See picture!! Money talks. Can add the 68 Chevelle now as a possible if Shelley doesn't make me sell it. The 68 Chevelle is a California car, only been in Nova Scotia 2 weeks. It was in California all its life. It's a 327 4-speed, 12 bolt posi. Bottom of the car is mint. I found bill sheet under the back seat. It verified that it was a factory built 327 4-speed with console, buckets, and guage package including the tach. Will keep you posted!!!


So here is want happened. Allan ended up with to many projects waiting to be done and all the money was tied up in those projects. Two of the projects were the 67 Chevelle and a newly acquired 68 Chevelle. He made the decision to list them all for sale on and whichever one was left he would finish.

When he sent me the above email he had already found a serious buyer for the 67 Chevelle and it was sold. He thought at that time he would work on the 68 Chevelle but it too sold shortly after. Within three weeks all of the projects had been sold for a profit. And as Allan said "Money talks"

Now he was left with no project so he start looking for his next one. He found it! What happens when you marry a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 with a 1989 Lincoln Mark VII? Which one do you think will come out on top? Well, Allan says he is going to show us. Enjoy the pictures of the Chevelles and please check in on Mustang / Lincoln project.

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