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1967 Chevelle

Used 67 Chevelle Parts

To show the amount of work involved the first two pictures are of the 67 Chevelle parts car. The first picture shows the Chevelle the way it was when Allan brought it back to the shop. It's still on the chassis and the Chevelle's floor and firewall are still intacted. In the second picture the body has been taken off the chassis and the floor and firewall have been removed. The previous page shows where the Chevelle's floor and firewall went.

The third picture shows the body of the blue chevelle stripped to the bare metal. In the forth picture the Chevelle got a coat of epoxy primer. In the fifth picture the Chevelle has received a coat of high build primer.

Normally this would not be the end of the story. However, this is as far as the project has got. Something came up that Allan had to take care of. For the rest of the story continue to the next page.

The Retractable Firewall

The 67 Chevelle in the last picture did not donate any parts to the Chevelle restoration cause. We just hope that Allan's 67 Chevelle does not end up with a retractable firewall like this one did.

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