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1967 Chevelle

The 67 Chevelle Restoration

Here's a project that will take a while to complete. Allan has decided to start a 1967 Chevelle restoration. That is, when and if he has time, when and if he can find the needed parts, and as long as there is enough money to do so. To start off the Chevelle restoration he has purchased two junked 67 Chevelles. One of the Chevelles (blue) is straight but needs replacement parts, and the other Chevelle (red) is the parts car from which he will be able to salvage some of the needed parts.

The blue Chevelle was brought into the shop and the body was then taken off the chassis. He then removed the 67 Chevelle's floor and firewall, and replaced it with the floor and firewall from the red Chevelle. In Allan's words the Chevelle "floor was mint" in the red 67 Chevelle. Since the parts Chevelle had been hit from behind the trunk was not salvageable, so new Chevelle trunk floor-pans where purchased and installed.

I do like the look of the 67 Chevelle. It reminds me a lot of my 67 Cutlass that I purchased in 1995. I was restoring it when I had to put it into storage back in 2004. Looking at this 67 Chevelle just gets me itching to get started on it again.

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