Allan's Project -

1967 Camaro RS SS

The Finished 67 Camaro RS SS

If you are a lover of the 67 Camaro RS SS you would love this one. Allan keep the Camaro around for close to 2 years. He drove the Camaro on nice days in the summers and took it to the local car shows.

Unfortunately at the end of May 2009 the Camaro was sold. It now resides somewhere out West. I hope the new owner enjoys driving it as much as I enjoyed looking at it. We do still have pictures of Camaro though, and I hope you enjoy the last two of them found in the Click Gallery to the right.

Allan had another project well under way when he sold the 67 Camaro and that project was a 69 Mustang Mach 1. The Mustang project is a must see. Allan uses the subframe and floor from a 1989 Lincoln Mark VII to bring it back to life.

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