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1967 Camaro RS SS

Painting the 67 Camaro RS SS

Here are some pictures of the 1967 Camaro RS SS that Allan took in as part of the trade for the 41 Willy's coupe he finished. This was a smaller than usual project but never the less it's still a lot of work. This 67 Camaro RS SS needs to look better so it will get a complete paint job.

Some time after the Caramo RS SS arrived at Allan's it went into the shop to get ready for paint. The car was strip to the bare metal. As far as I know there was no body work to be done (no rust, no holes, no dents, no filler) and all the body metal was straight. All this 67 Camaro RS SS needed was a nice shiny paint job to bring it to life.

After the paint was all stripped down to the bare metal it got the once over to make sure it was straight and the seems all lined up evenly. Then Allan applied the primer and then prepped it for the new paint. And of course, the Camaro got a bright new color.

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