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1941 Willy's Coupe

The Willy's Coupe Story Continued

"When the body finally arrived in March I started on it right away. Hours and hours of sanding to make the body straight. All the pieces were test fitted first, then removed again then to make sure that the gaps were even all the way around the car. Ordered a brand new 350 Crate engine from GM Performance store, bought a 700 R-4 transmission then had it rebuilt and a shift kit added. The body was then set on the frame to make sure that the engine clearance and everything was ok.

I used a Quick-wire kit for the wiring, went pretty good, not to hard to use. I had to get Tim's expertise to get the daytime running lights and remote door openers to work. The car was primed and blocked twice to make sure it was really smooth.

The firewall was then painted with checkers done by me a little different design from my 34 Chev. More of a wave to them. The door jams, hood, trunk lid etc. Were then painted, finally after months of painting pieces, fabricating pieces, and trial and error it was time to paint the car. The car was painted and was really nice and shiny so I took sandpaper and wet sanded the car until it was nice and dull then came the arm work of polishing and polishing. What a result, the car was awesome."

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