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1941 Willy's Coupe

The Willy's Coupe Story

here is "The story: We purchased the car from Active Power in Mentor Ohio, USA in November of 2005, what a nightmare to get the car here. To make a long story short it was supposed to be here in Canada in December but it did not arrive until March of 2006, It was turned back at the Border in St. Stephens NB, and a second time in Ontario Border and there was nothing we could do. They called the car a kit and kits are not allowed into Canada!! My wife called Transport Canada, Registry of Imported Vehicles Etc. Etc. Etc. After months of hassle, many hours on the phone, thousands of dollars, and a lot of arguing, we finally got it."

Importing Kit Car: Canada does not allow the importing of kit cars. However, a kit car includes most of the parts for building the car. In this case there was no frame, interior, or other parts. What was being imported was the fiberglass shell and body parts. Additional chrome parts were order and included in the shipment. The best plan is to ship them seperately.

"In the meantime I had bought an S10 frame, sandblasted it, stripped all the unnecessary parts, removed the rear end and changed it over to a 4 Link coilover suspension, drop spindles on the front then primer coated and painted it."

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