Allan's Project -

1941 Willy's Coupe

End Result: 41 Willy's (Street Rod)

"After all that work I decided to sell it, and my wife was wild. On to the next project. A 67 Camaro RS SS that I got in a trade for the Willys and yes my wife got a car too, a 2005 Monte Carlo fully loaded, she was happy."

And so goes the story of the 41 Willy's Street Rod. I guess once the project is done the fun is over. That is one fine looking 41 Willy's Street Rod though! I think I would of keep it around for while and enjoyed the rides.

I hope you enjoy the pictures in the Click Gallery to the right. As you scoll through them you will see pictures of the Willy's Street Rod's interior, engine compartment, and truck compartment. I do think that green grass really goes well with the Orange paint. If I was Cinderella, and I'm not!, but I think that's what I would want my pumpkin to look like, with lots of horses under the hood.

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