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1934 Chev 5 Window Coupe

Project Update for June 20, 2003

Now here's an all day job. Coupe had been cleaned down to the bare metal before but had developed surface rust. The job was to take one day and get all of the surface rust removed from the coupe body panels, underside and chassis. Then get it sealed to prevent it from developing surface rust again.

At 8:00 a.m. Allan started removing the coupe body from the chassis and get it blocked up so he could work on the underside. You'll see in the first picture of the Click Gallery that he is sandblasting the underside of the coupe body. The two pictures just below that one, gives you a good view of the inside of the coupe, showing the tubs that were installed for the wheel wells, and floor fabrication between and in front or them. The front floor section has been modified and reinforced to allow for the introduction of the new transmission.

The body of the coupe is all steel and still has the seams filled with lead. When the surface rust was cleaned off Allan found about 6 small holes that needed to be fixed. Each hole was roughly an eighth of an inch in diameter. Have a look at the two pictures of the coupe body up on blocks. You'll see it's a good solid body and the lighter steel colored spots are the factory lead-fill.

The next picture gives you a good look at the chassis engineering and all the work that has been done (boxed, narrowed, and reinforced). Now the last picture. It's the end of a long day (8:30 p.m.) and everything has been coated with Epoxy primer and put back together. The coupe sits for one last picture before being rolled into the garage where it's stored.

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