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1934 Chev 5 Window Coupe

Project Update for July 9, 2003

It's another day to try to get things cleaned up and sealed. The first three pictures Allan has cleaned all of the rust and old paint from the grille section and hood. Then in the picture just below those he is sealing it all up with a good coat of Epoxy primer.

In the next three pictures Allan is getting the floor sections welded in properly so that there are no open seams. He spent a lot of time lining up the doors in their frames to make sure that space around them was even. He found that he had to relieve the fire wall, pull it back slightly, and then weld it in place so the doors would not be sagging. There's nothing like being fussy in all those little places. It makes for a great looking job. I've seen some jobs that were rushed and you can always tell when the seams and joints around doors and lids are not even.

In the picture second from the end Allan is drilling for the new body mounts. When the floor was rebuilt the original mounts became no-existent, so he drills the new floor reinforcing rails for the new body mounts. The chassis was setup for the mounts by welding the body mount nuts in place.

Now we have to know what it's all going to look like, so for the last picture the grille section and hood are propped up in place using a plastic bucket and block of word. There's still a long way to go, so check out the next page of this 34 Chev coupe project.

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