Allan's Project -

1934 Chev 5 Window Coupe

Project Update for July 19, 2003 - The Show-n-Shine

With an up coming local show-n-shine car show Allan decides to get it ready to take in. He needs some parts for the coupe and figured that this could be a good way to find out if someone may know where he can find them.

Before the show-n-shine car show he gets a friend to chalk some flames on the side of it to jazz it up. You will also notice that time has been spent to get the grille section and hood lined up properly. Allan uses a small piece of wood across the chassis and ties everything in place so that the body lines flow smoothly.

The results of this car show is that the coupe took the show-n-shine trophy for the best car in the Under Construction class. There's nothing wrong with getting started on the trophy case before the coupe is finished.

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'34 Chev Coupe

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