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1934 Chev 5 Window Coupe

Project Update for February, 2004 - Chassis Gets Painted

In the first picture we see a modification done to the fiberglass running boards. They were to wide at the front so a pie shaped piece was removed and then glassed back together making them 8 inches narrower at the front. This gives it a better look since there will be no fixed fenders on the front. If they had not been modified they would have stuck out too far and looked out of place.

In the next two pictures the chassis, rear-end, and front-end parts of the 34 Chev coupe have been painted. The chassis and rear-end are painted tangerine pearl and the front-end parts are paint chrome. After the paint has dried the chassis and other parts are taken from where they were hanging and reassembled as you can see it the next picture. That is one sharp looking color. Too bad it's all under the car. Oh well! A good set of mirrors on the ground at the car show will let everyone see it all.

And now for the last picture of this update. The 34 Chev coupe body is once again set back on the chassis. Here the body has been wet sanded again. I guess my question is, how many more times is it going to be taken off and put back on the chassis. I know! It takes up less space in the shop that way. Well it's starting to come together now but there's still a lot more that has to be done.

The rhythm of an engine
is music to my ear,
but when it comes from a coupe
it's the best you could hear.

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