Allan's Project -

1934 Chev 5 Window Coupe

Project Update for December 14, 2003

Another round of work is done. Allan has taken this 34 Chev coupe to the point of having all of the high build primer on it. In the first picture he is applying another coat to the body. After each coat of high build it was wet sanded to make sure that everything is coming up straight and smooth. There are always a lot of things done that you never see. Fore instants, Allan once again spent time make sure that all of the seems are going to be straight and even.

The body was then once again taken off the chassis and all of the welds on the chassis were ground to smooth them out. Then it got some epoxy primer one more time. After all that Allan was able to apply the high build primer to it so it's now ready for paint.

As you can see in the third picture the rear-end has been prepped by sandblasting and then got a coat of primer. The forth picture shows the hood and trunk lid after the last coat of high build primer.

The last two pictures are out of sequence. The first of the two show where the gas tank filler use to be. It has had body metal welded in and then filled ready to be sanded down and shaped. The next picture shows the new gas tank filler. Can you see it? No! It's not under the license plate. Now you got it. Yup! It's under the chrome Chevy emblem.

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