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1934 Chev 5 Window Coupe

Project Update for August 28, 2003

Allan was able to get Ed Muise, a local sheet metal professional, to make creases in the floor-pans to stiffen them so they won't sound tinny after they were installed. It took Allan about 12 hours to get them in place and welded. (See first two pictures)

Picking up Body Parts:

As told by Allan and Shelley
Before we went on vacation to the U.S. we made arrangements with Old Chicago out of Vancouver Washington to ship two rear fenders and a gas tank apron. They were to be delivered to the campground we would be staying in. We thought it would be a time and money safer but it turned out to be an exhausting experience.

The camping experience was less than great. It was a very noisy campground and we got no sleep for 5 days. The cops where in and out all-night and then one of the Motor homes in the campground explode. Of course we were not able to leave because we were waiting for the parts to be delivered. We spent part of two days trying to track down where the parts were as they were late in arriving. After having to stay two extra days in this lousy place we had given up hope and were going to head back to Canada. I got a hold of the guy from the Old Chicago and got the tracking number. Thankfully our parts were in Portland, but they were not sure when we would get them. I went to the Fed-Ex office and a very nice lady helped us find our parts. We were able to arrange a pickup at a local Walmart right away, so we could get the stuff and leave.

Remember: Unforeseen circumstances and not being able to control shipping can make for a crappie time.

Then came the fun part! How! were we going to get the parts into the Grand-Am when it was already loaded. We had to jam them between the two front seats, over the console, between our two boys and the gas tank apron had to be piled on the top of the passenger seat and over our son's head resting on the back window. Then Allan picked up two front fenders, motorcycle type for the front of the coupe, and we had to fit them in the trunk of the Grand-Am. Then Shelley decides (no comment!) to get school supplies in Halifax for the boys. It's a good thing we had the gas tank apron to sit them on. So it turned out that we had half a car inside the car along with everything else. Not something any of us would want to experience again anytime soon. The thousand mile ride was enough. (See next three pictures)

When we got home Allan installed the fenders and the gas tank apron to see how they fit. They'll need a little work to get them smooth and to fit tight for a good finish. The next update will be a little while, as the car will be put on hold while the workshop gets new wiring and insulated so Allan has a place to work on the car over the winter. (See the last two pictures)

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