Allan's Project -

1934 Chev 5 Window Coupe

Bringing the 34 Chev Coupe Project Home

Allan's 34 Chev coupe 5 window project has been a street rod for most of its life. As the story unfolds, it was turned into a street rod back in the 50's and remained in that condition for about 20 years. In the early 70's it under went the implant of a 427 big block and the fenders were replaced to give it that American Graffiti look. Some of us older guys can remember well that great looking yellow coupe from the original movie American Graffiti. The running gear also consisted of an automatic transmission and stock rear-end.

Some time in the mid 70's the coupe was put into storage an remain in storage for about 25 years. At that point the coupe was in Georgia. The coupe was then purchased and driven for a year. The new owner decided that he should turn it into a pro-street class and started to build it over. He moved the 34 Chev coupe to Kansas and after investing thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of labor, he decided to sell it. This 34 Chev coupe 5 window was then purchased by Allan and was moved to his shop in Nova Scotia, Canada.

When Allan obtained the coupe it had already had major work done to the chassis and running gear, as well as some body upgrades.

  • 4 Link Rear Suspension (Polished/Stainless).
  • Adjustable Coilover Shocks (Polished/Stainless).
  • Narrowed 9" rear-end housing.
  • New Rear Axles (Shortened and Resplined).
  • Fat Man (Stage 2) Mustang II Independent Front Suspension.
  • Chassis has been completely boxed and narrowed with extra cross members added for strength.
  • Wheel wells have been tubbed and new floor pans fabricated for the trunk and cockpit area.
  • New Centerline Convo Pro rims with 15X18.5X31 Mickey Thomson Sportsman Pro tires for the rear and 15X8.5 Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires for the front.

Continue to the next page to follow the progress of this 1934 Chev coupe 5 window project through to completion. Hope you enjoy your visit and this project.

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